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Looking for a delicious brunch in Chester County, PA? Try The Classic Diner!

One of the easiest #jlf meals to eat out is breakfast/brunch.  Also, let’s face it:  nothing beats Sunday brunch! A fan favorite (for everyone, not just the #jlf crowd) is The Classic Diner, with two locations:  Frazer, Pa and West…
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Nothing says tea time like homemade Almond Flour Banana Bread!

There is nothing like a slice of delicious and moist banana bread to go with a cup of steaming tea or coffee.  And, we have found a fool proof recipe for a #grainfree #sugarfree banana bread care of Kristin Marr…
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Looking for dinner in the Italian Market? We gave Nina Trattoria a try!

The Philadelphia Italian Market is an mecca of fresh produce, cheese, meats, homemade pasta, pastries, random assortments of kitchen accessories, and an iconic landmark of Philadelphia.  Many people associate the Italian Market with a fun Saturday of going from stand…
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Brunch – #JLFStyle – #Grainfree Banana Pancakes

Let’s face it:  brunch is one of the best meals of the week (just look at all the new brunch places popping up all over the place!).  Nothing says the weekend like a lazy morning/midday (sometimes mid-afternoon) multi-hour brunch with…
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Yet another cold and blistery day that has you asking whether winter will ever end? Try our easy crock-pot chili to make it through!

If you live on the East Coast right now, you know that we are currently in that least fun time of winter:  when it will not go away, no matter how many people hope and wish and hope and wish…
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