Jordan Lindsay Friendly

Our Journey

Who are we and why are we doing this?

We began our friendship in one of the most non-#jlf friendly cities: Paris. We both studied abroad in our junior year of undergrad and decided to live together for the remainder of our undergrad at the University of Delaware.

What we didn’t know at the time was that only a few short years after graduating from undergrad, we would both suffer eerily similar health issues that would eventually lead us to the #grainfree #sugarfree lifestyle. Both of us, up until our early twenties, were able to eat and enjoy food without any substantial issues. However, following undergrad, when Lindsay started work as an accountant and Jordan entered law school, both of us began to suffer from increasing food allergies and debilitating stomach issues.

Lindsay will always remember April 1, 2012. On that day, she woke up sicker than she had ever been in her entire life. At first, she thought it was just a passing bug. Then, it didn’t stop. For days. And weeks. And months. Finally, she went to the doctor, and through a process of elimination, determined she was gluten intolerant. It was then that her journey to the #jlf lifestyle began.

Jordan’s health began a downward spiral after her first year of law school. She found that no matter what she ate, her stomach rejected it. On a daily basis, she struggled to eat any food – eventually, leading to her going on steroids to “help” her stomach. However, she quickly realized that while the steroids masked many of her symptoms, they did not cure the underlying problem. Exhausted from a three-year stomachache and rapidly losing weight and any semblance of control, Jordan sought any solution that would give her hope. She eventually found the #grainfree #sugarfree lifestyle and began the slow path to healing.

These health issues lead both of us to feverishly start sharing recipes, ideas, doctors, options, anything to allow us both to find balance and resume our normal lives. And, all of this was at a time when both of us were (and still are) dealing with high pressured, busy jobs.

Then, one fateful night, our blog idea was hatched. Frustrated over the lack of people discussing the #grainfree #sugarfree lifestyle for women who are working, sometimes 24/7, and attempting to cook all of their own food, we decided to start our own blog to share our experiences, our trials, our tribulations, our success, and, of course, our recipes.

So, how did we come up with #jlf? We began referring to any food that we both could eat as “Jordan Lindsay Friendly.” And, we would constantly ask “is that Jordan Lindsay Friendly?” Quickly, we realized that we needed a shorthand – #jlf was born.

Jordan and Lindsay enjoying Hu Kitchen,, one of our favorite places to grab a quick bite to eat in New York City!

Jordan and Lindsay enjoying Hu Kitchen ( in 2014, one of our favorite places to grab a quick bite to eat in New York City!