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Sun in Bloom, Brooklyn, NY: a #jlf friendly must!

Lindsay and I traveled up to New York City for a weekend in April to celebrate our friend’s birthday.  The three of us were former roommates in our University of Delaware days and are pleasantly pleased with our ability to keep our “roommate reunions” going after jetting off to our busy lives in three different cities!

We lucked out and had a BEAUTIFUL weekend in New York City — it was warm, sometimes down right “hot,” and the sun was out the entire time.  We decided to take advantage of this weather and journey to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.  And, since it was lunch time, we needed to find a #jlf lunch spot.

IMG_4132And, boy, did we luck out! We found this amazing little “gluten free, vegan, and raw food kitchen” called Sun in Bloom.  It is cute in that Brooklyn way:  mason jars were used for the water, the tables were rustic wood, and there was a brick wall (i am always envious of the brick walls….).  It is small but not overly so.  Busy but not so much so that your food does not come out in a normal amount of time.  And, the prices are not all that high — especially when you factor in the lovely NYC “inflation” that seems to get tacked onto anything you buy in that city.


The best part:  I am still craving the lunch we had there!  First, let me start with the drinks:  one of the little luxuries in life that I miss on a daily basis is the ability to run and get a latte on the way to work.  While more and more coffee shops are starting to stock soy milk (which I don’t drink) or almond milk, it is all the “sweetened” variety with all that added sugar.  It is rare to run across any coffee shop that keeps unsweetened nut milk or, shock, makes their own nut milk.

The delicious latte!

The delicious latte!

Sun In Bloom makes their own milk; and, for the first time, I had Brazil Nut Milk sweetened with dates.  It made a delicious latte with some added cinnamon on top! It is has inspired me to consider making my own nut milks and trying my hand at some homemade lattes!

Next, the food! I ordered the “BLT” on a lettuce wrap which is made out of shitake mushroom “bacon”, roasted tomato, and lettuce with a delicious (and entirely #jlf) almond mayo.  I can still taste how amazing this sandwich was!

Lindsay ordered the Earth bowl:  Sprouted buckwheat, sunflower seed butter, dates, raisins, fresh banana & seasonal fruit, and homemade rice mylk.  She loved it (and even made her own for the week once she returned to Baltimore!).  And Suzanne, our third roommate — who does not suffer ill digestive issues but is always a good sport about going to the #jlf friendly places — ordered the special quiche with a side of potatoes.

The "BLT" with a side salad.  Normally it comes with a side of potatoes but I still cannot eat them.

The “BLT” with a side salad. Normally it comes with a side of potatoes but I still cannot eat them.

Overall, the entire menu is very #jlf friendly!  Since it is vegan, many of the tricky ingredients that Lindsay and I avoid are already out.  And, the flavors were amazing! We would both give this 5*****s and highly recommend a stop if you are in their neighborhood!

All of us about to enjoy our meals!

All of us about to enjoy our meals!