Jordan Lindsay Friendly

Saying No to the Yellow Zone

Hi there friends.  Lindsay here – you haven’t heard from me much lately because well, I’ve been working.  A lot.  And that’s pretty much all I’ve been doing – 15 hours a day.  Luckily, I love my job.  But I’m low on sleep, in desperate need of some cardio (lets not even think about my strength levels), deprived of Vitamin D, and ready for a recharge.  I’ve been living on larabars, bland vegetables, hummus, and microwaved food.  I am READY to say goodbye to this busy season.   On top of everything else, I was glutened this weekend (ugh).

I like to leave my busy seasons behind with a refocus on myself – my goals, my health, my sleep, and my sanity.  Sometimes, I try and take a few days off.  This year, that is just not in the cards – life is coming at me full force and its not stopping.  Jordan and I were talking today – and we both admitted that sometimes, our lives get so busy that we have to take shortcuts – in our hours of sleep, amount of exercise, and even our diets.  Maybe we have to skip the gym, and then one day turns into two.  Maybe we think to ourselves – “better to finish this brief (or tax return) tonight – I’ll just load up on coffee in the morning”.  As far as our diets, we don’t allow in things we absolutely cannot eat, but sometimes, there are things in the yellow zone.  Maybe we don’t know where they were prepared, maybe they contain a preservative we don’t like, but they’re easy, and we risk it.  This year, as a part of my post busy season recovery, I am saying no to the yellow zone.

I have said “yes” to life for the past few months – and you know what, it was a time in life when I needed to, so I can’t feel guilty about it.  Now – its time to dial back on stress and focus on my health.  One of my favorite detoxes is called the “21 Day Sugar Detox”  by Diane Sanfilipo – check it out here.  When I get busy, I tend to drink coffee – lots of it.  And what do I put in my coffee?  Stevia.   A little bit here and there, no biggie, but I have become a stevia and coffee addicted crazy.  Diane’s detox does a great job at resetting my sugar gauge – after 21 days, a banana is about as sweet as I can handle.  Her recipes are all delicious, and reasonably easy to prepare.  I will be sharing my experience through this detox in the coming weeks. A #jlf miniseries – stay tuned!