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The Baltimore Bucket List: Kooper’s Tavern

Phew.  Thank goodness its the weekend (even if we have to change back our clocks tonight).  Yesterday, my coworkers and I had had ENOUGH of this week – the weather, and the work (#busyseasonblues) were just too much for one week.  Naturally, this meant we had to head to happy hour.   We started at a small Mexican restaurant in Harbor East across from our building called Taco Fiesta.    As the “hour” wore on, we were reminiscing with C, who is moving to Chicago at the end of May.  She has decided to make a Baltimore Bucket list to make sure she hits all the best spots and activities before she leaves.   Since we were all getting pretty hungry at this point, we decided to head over to Fells Point to visit Kooper’s Tavern – one of the best burger spots in Baltimore, and a CRITICAL task on her list.

Kooper’s is right on the water in Fells – a very pretty location (especially when its warmer than 11 degrees outside).  We arrived at around 7:30, and were lucky that we did not have to wait for a table of 8 people.   We were seated upstairs next to a roaring fireplace.  If you’ve never sat upstairs – I highly recommend it.  We had a very attentive waiter who carded the whole group to make sure we were of age (flattery at its finest).  Kooper’s has a great beer selection (good for those non-#jlf-ers in your party).  Since burgers are their specialty, everyone ordered a burger in some form or another.  We were lucky enough to be dining with M as well, who is allergic to wheat and is often my work buddy when it comes to navigating office events on a special diet.   We both ordered our burgers bun-less.  I ordered the Portobello, which came with baby arugula, onion and roasted red pepper.  The cheese typically served on the sandwich is mozzarella, which I’m sure would have been a great addition.  Kooper’s is famous for their fries as well (they offer both russet and sweet potato options), however I topped off my shroom with a salad (#vegetablelove).  The shroom also came with a pesto aioli on the side.  I took a little taste – very nicely flavored.  When the waiter brought out my food, he confirmed that it was gluten free – one of the best things a waiter can do for me.IMG_1599

All in all, Kooper’s gets 5 starts on the #jlf restaurant rating scale.  Since all burgers can be made bunless and you can always add a salad  on the side – there are little limitations here.  They even have a Build Your Own Burger option so you can customize to your heart’s delight (that’s my kind of BYOB).

Everyone had a great time, and C has one less bucket list task to accomplish.  As we were finishing our meal, we were discussing the rest of C’s tasks – stay tuned for more great adventures from the #CWbucketlist.  On our way out, Kooper’s had a band playing – ready for the Fells point evening bar crowd, and a fitting anthem to end our night with.  Also, a fitting kickoff to the weekend.  Look for more from us this weekend – we are throwing a St. Patty’s day themed #jlf dinner party tonight.



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