Jordan Lindsay Friendly

#jlf Guide to Restaurants

Everyone knows: sometimes, you just want to go out and enjoy eating without the hassle of cooking! And especially us working girls . . . we need to be able to relax out with friends, family, colleagues, clients, ANYONE without the fear that we will run into issues. So here we have compiled restaurants from a variety of cities that we have had tried. We include the success and failures — to save everyone from our mistakes! Cheers!

Looking for a delicious brunch in Chester County, PA? Try The Classic Diner!

One of the easiest #jlf meals to eat out is breakfast/brunch.  Also, let’s face it:  nothing beats Sunday brunch! A fan favorite (for everyone, not just the #jlf crowd) is The Classic Diner, with two locations:  Frazer, Pa and West…
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Looking for dinner in the Italian Market? We gave Nina Trattoria a try!

The Philadelphia Italian Market is an mecca of fresh produce, cheese, meats, homemade pasta, pastries, random assortments of kitchen accessories, and an iconic landmark of Philadelphia.  Many people associate the Italian Market with a fun Saturday of going from stand…
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Happy Friday! Looking for a #jlf option for this weekend? Try Dmitri’s Restaurant in Philadelphia!

A very #jlf friendly restaurant in Philadelphia is a wonderful BYOB in the Queen’s Village neighborhood called Dmitri’s Restaurant. There is a second location in Northern Liberties. The Queen’s Village location is small — no, tiny — no, intimate. You…
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